"My headaches and dizziness are gone"

Since attending Michael in the John's Green Chiropractic Clinic some months ago with headaches and dizziness, I am so pleased to say that my headaches and dizziness are now gone. I have felt improvments in many aspects of my life as a result and could not recommend Johns's Green Chiropractic Clinic highly enough - a must for anyone in a desk job.

Ruth - 32yrs , Co. Kilkenny


"I never looked back"

A friend suggested to me that i should visit Michael in the John's Green Chirooractic Clinic. I was a little unsure at first but I wanted to feel better. After a couple of visits I never looked back. I have gradually become pain free and movement in my neck has improved significantly. 

Lisa - 42yrs , Co. Kilkenny


"My back feels stronger" 

I attended Michael in the John's Green Chiropractic Clinic for an injury I got in my lower back while gardening. It happened many times over the years. Michael took me through some treatment and a strength programe for my lower back, now my back feels stronger and is not as stiff when I garden. 

John - 68yrs , Kilkenny


"Couldn't bare the headaches"

Michael was reccomended to me by a friend. I work in a desk job for more than seven hours per day and had been sufferening from chronic headaches. Michael provided treatment to help the joints in my neck move better and to strenghten the muscles in my neck. Since attending Michael, I no longer suffer headaches. 

David - 38yrs , Castlecomer

"My balance improved"

I had 3 falls at home in the past year. After attending MIchael for treatment he found some problems in my neck which were affecting my balance. After a few months of adjustments my balance improved and I feel much more confident going for walks. I would strongly recomend Michael, he is always on time and is very thorough.