Avoiding “Tech Neck"

5 Tips for avoiding “tech neck” and the pain and headaches that come with it.

Be aware – holding your head in a flexed forward position can put a lot of strain on your neck and the surrounding muscles. It has been estimated that this position puts an extra 50 pounds of pressure on the muscles and joints of the neck. Doing this regularly and for a long time, will lead to a build up of tension in the neck. This tension can lead to joint strain, headaches, shoulder pain and arm pain.

Set time limits – limiting the amount of time and frequency that your neck is in the flexed position is the best way of limiting symptoms such as neck pain and headaches. If you must use your device for an extended period, then make sure to take breaks. A 3-minute break every 15 to 20 mins is recommended.

Set up reminders – use the alarm on your device to go off every 20 mins during long period of usage, this will get you into the habit of getting away from the flexed posture regularly.

Use a tablet holder – There are plenty of holders available which will help to raise your device up towards eye level rather than having to look down with your neck. Having the device as close as possible to eye level is the best way to prevent tech neck.

Take action – If you are getting pain or headaches in your neck, then use this as a warning sign and do something about it early. Pain in the neck, shoulder blades, frequent headaches or tingling in the arms can all be signs of problems in the neck. Here at the Johns Green Chiropractic clinic, Kilkenny, our chiropractor will run a full assessment on your neck and shoulders. Based on this, a costumed treatment program or exercise program can be designed to help improve your neck symptoms.

If you would like any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Johns Green chiropractic clinic, Kilkenny. You can speak to our chiropractor on 0567715775 or email us at info@chiropractorkilkenny.com