How does a chiropractor decide how to treat lower back pain?

Here at Johns Green Chiropractic Clinic Kilkenny our chiropractor will run through a full history and examination to find out firstly what the problem is, but secondly to see what is causing the problem.

The Medical History

Our chiropractor in the Kilkenny clinic will ask you several questions such as where the pain is, how it started, when it started, does the pain refer down the leg, has it gotten better or worse since it came on, what positions/ movements make it worse, what positions ease the pain. They may also what to run through what treatment you have had in the past, this is important to find out what has worked in the past and what has not helped. Based on this maybe there are some things which we think may help and you have not tried in the past.

The Chiropractic Exam

This will involve checking your posture to see which parts of your spine or body are taking more weight. The chiropractor will check to see how the vertebrae in your lower back are moving, they will check for tightness and weakness in the muscles surrounding the lower back. They may also run some special test to see if the nerves or discs in your lower back are lightly to be involved.

Report of Findings

After the exam our chiropractor in the Kilkenny clinic will explain, based on the history and exam, what your diagnosis is. They will then explain how they intend on fixing the problem and what you need to do to stop it from coming back again.  

Chiropractic Treatment

Treatment depends on what the findings of the history and exam are. This may include spinal adjustments, to get the vertebrae moving better, stretching to release tight muscles and strength work to the weak muscles. The duration of your treatment will depend on the nature of the problem.

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