What causes back pain and leg pain?

Back pain is something that most of us will suffer with at some stage to one degree or another. The causes of back pain range from sitting at a desk for too long, to injuries while lifting. Here at the Johns Green chiropractic clinic, Kilkenny, your first consultation, exam and treatment are designed to find the cause of back pain and limits its impact on posture and reduce recurrent pain.

Back pain associated with leg pain has many causes. The two most common causes are herniation of lumbar discs and trigger point referral from tight muscles of the lower back and gluts.

back and leg pain


Herniation of Lumbar discs – the most common discs that herniate (bulge) in the lower back are the bottom two discs of the lower back. The disc acts like a shock absorber between two vertebrae. When at full height they act like spacers for the nerve. Discs bulges most often come on over a period when there is excess pressure through one disc or part of the spine. Sitting for long periods of time will put a lot of pressure on the bottom discs of your spine.

Trigger point referral – Over time, due to lack of movement or long periods with the body in the one position, muscles shorten and get tight. When muscles get tight, over time they can form active trigger points (knots). Below is a chart showing where the referral patterns for some of these lower trunk muscles.

It is important to release the trigger points in the muscle to reduce pain and increase movement of the lower back. Also, vital, is to find out what it is causing the muscle to continually tighten in the first place.

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For any further information, please contact the clinic to chat to our chiropractor on 0567715775 or by email at info@chiropractorkilkenny.com