6 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

We all know that getting a good night’s sleep is important for our general health. Our body heals best at night time when resting so if you are struggling with injury or pain then good quality rest is important to get. Sometimes, due to varying circumstances in life, sleep is better and sometimes worse. There are a few tips we can follow however to control what will aid a more restful night.

If you are struggling with back pain or neck pain during the day for example, the better-quality rest we get the quicker our body is able to heal and recover, mentally it also sets us up better to deal with pain.

1. Keep a regular schedule – from the research 8 hours seems to be what most of us need, this can vary from 6 to 9 hours depending on age, activity levels or sickness etc. With this in mind it is a good idea that we leave enough time for sleep! Try to go asleep at the same time every night, and rise at the same time in the morning. This will allow your body get into a rhythm. 

2. Manage what and when you eat – Eating a big meal or going to bed hungry will inhibit your sleep. It is true that you should not eat to close to going to bed, at the same time if you go to bed hungry then this will inhibit sleep. Try to have your last “big meal” at least three hours before, then if you need a light snack before bed, have it. Alcohol may aid you getting to sleep initially, but the research is conclusive that your bodies do not rest as well, it this is best avoided. 

3. Make your room a place of rest – as dark as possible is best. Also limit noise as much as you can. Staring at screens and mobile phones before bed inhibits sleep.

4. Go easy on daytime naps – 20 mins to a half an hour at noon should be fine, again everybody is different, but sleeping too much during the day will not help a good night’s sleep.

5. Physical activity during the day- this will help reduce the stress hormone cortisol when done at a moderate level. Reducing this stress hormone will lead to a better rest. If the exercise is vigorous try and finish it 2 hours before bed to allow your body to unwind.

6. Journal your worries- managing your active mind is a very important step to better rest. Try writing you worries down in a journal and park them there until the morning, this can be easier said than done. Over time you will get better at this.

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