5 Tips to help prevent back pain

We all experience back pain at some stage, here are five tips which will help prevent the onset of pain.

1. Move your body

Moving your body is the single most important thing you can do long term for the health of your spine. With regards your spinal movement, we either “use it or lose it”, moving our joints through its full range of motion helps to preserve joint movement longer term, this in turn reduces back pain. When we exercise we also help maintain our muscle, this is very protective for our joints.

2. See your chiropractor regularly

Here at Johns Green chiropractic clinic in Kilkenny, our chiropractor is trained to identify areas of your spine that are not moving well. Based on this exam exercises and chiropractic adjustments are performed to increase movement of the spine in the dysfunctional region.

3. Maintain an appropriate body weight

Our body is designed to take a certain amount of weight, when at an appropriate weight our body can distribute the weight through many the many different joints in the spine evenly. If we are overweight then some of the joints and discs in our back will be taking too much weight daily, long-term this can lead to wear and tear of the joints or disc budges.

4. Keep good posture

If we sit or stand with poor posture some of the joints in our body will take more pressure than others leading to wear and tight stiff muscles. If you must sit at work make sure you set your desk up correctly. Limit the amount of time you spend on your smart phone and tablets; these devises lead to a lot of postural tension in the neck.

5. Get proper rest and sleep

Our body heals optimally when we get proper rest. Make sure you allow space in your day where you are switching off, both physically and mentally. Examples of this would be going out for a walk at lunchtime if you are at a desk all day or lying down and just listening to some music for a half hour. This will help to reduce stress, help you rest and should aid with improved sleep at night-time.

Our chiropractor here at Johns Green chiropractic clinic, Kilkenny can perform an examination of your spine and make some recommendation based on the findings to help you reduce or stop the pain you are getting. For any further information please call us on 0567715775 or email us at info@chiropractorkilkenny.com