Stress is our body adapting to something happening in our environment.

What is stress

Stress can be short lasting, like getting into a fight or being chased by an animal. This is good, it helps you to get out of the dangerous situation. Stress can also be long lasting, this can be from something like worrying about a sick child or financial pressure. When the pressure is longer lasting it will have a detrimental effect on your body if you don’t put different strategies in place to deal with it.

3 causes of stress

1. Physical – Over exercising can place a stress on your body, under exercising can also stress the body, balance is key. Lack of movement in your spine can also place a stress on your nervous system. This is where we at Johns Green Chiropractic Clinic, Kilkenny, can help you to remove the physical obstruction and tailor your exercise programme to suit your lifestyle demands. 

2. Chemical - Not eating a well-balanced, healthy diet will mean our bodies are deficient in essential vitamins and minerals. This will in turn put the body under stress. 

3. Emotional – This is where our mind is dealing with a certain situation, as mentioned above, this may be a financial pressure, a bereavement or a sick loved one. Dealing with all off these situations increases the stress load on our bodies.

Management of Stress

By working on releasing the physical pressures on our body, reducing the toxic loads of our food on our system and practicing techniques to manage our emotional stress, we can lessen the impact chronic stressors will have on our bodies.