How does chiropractic adjustment affect the brain?

This article will look at some exciting new chiropractic research from a prominent neurologist and chiropractor, Hiedi Haavik. This research shows how a chiropractor can affect the brain through an adjustment. 

The aim of the study was to look at the brain activity after a (cervical) neck adjustment performed by a chiropractor. Patients who took part in this study were not in any pain at the time of treatment.

Many people use chiropractic as part of their wellbeing without necessarily being in pain. Similarly, many will go to a dentist to have their teeth checked. Getting your spine checked regularly is just as important. At a regular check up here at Johns Green Chiropractic clinic Kilkenny, our chiropractor checks your spine for Subluxations (an area of stiffness or minor misalignment that is influencing and stressing your nervous system). If these are found, the chiropractic adjustment will help to correct the segment of the spine involved and take stress off the nervous system. 

What did the study show about the chiropractic adjustment?....

During the study, neck adjustments were given to one half of the group. Their brain activity, before and after the adjustment were measured on a digital brain scanner. The scans on the brain post adjustment shows that there was a direct influence on the sensory input to the brain, the scan showed the cortex of the brain lighting up, thus being stimulated.

The control group, did not get an adjustment, they were placed on a chiropractic bench and set up in the correct position. This group showed no change in the cortex of the brain.

The vertebral subluxation leads to insufficient messages from the spinal cord to the brain (stresses the nervous system). The signals from the cord are coming from organs, muscles and joints among many other structures. Our chiropractor here at the clinic in Kilkenny aims to correct subluxations, this enhances the signals and inputs for your body to the brain.  

A chiropractic adjustment removes blockages from interfering with the nervous system. This works by improving the spinal segmental movement and alignment in the subluxated area.

This study highlights that, even when you do not have symptoms (pain, headaches or dizziness etc.), getting an adjustment is important to improve your body brain communication.

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